OAS RealMedia

To make OAS RealMedia integration with Navegg’s solutions follow the model shown below.

  1. Go to the tab “Settings” on Navegg panel, item “Tag Manager” and click on “Create new tag”
  2. Find “OAS RealMedia” menu and click on “Generate the tag” button. To facilitate the organization, it is important to name the tag.
  3. Once tag appears in the text box, click on “Save” button.
* It is important to remember that in Navegg Publisher panel the option “Wait for data Navegg?” should remain disabled.

Then, you need to do a small change into the standard MJX OAS code as highlighted below:











<script type="text/javascript"language="JavaScript">// <![CDATA[

OAS_url = 'http://server/RealMedia/ads/';

OAS_sitepage = '';

OAS_listpos = 'Top,Bottom';

try{ OAS_query = '?'+ NVG_qry; } catch(e){};

OAS_target = '_top';

// etc etc //

// ]]>


These segments will be available as keynames for OAS.

Using segments in OAS RealMedia

All Navegg’s segments are available in OAS as keynames. All segments must be previously registered, except products and products categories. Creating a keyname is quite simple:

1. In OAS interface, go to “Databases” option item “Keynames” and click on “New keyname” button:

2. Enter Navegg segments‘ key group in “Keyname” field;

3. In “Keyvalue” insert Navegg segments’ strings, a value in each row, and then press “Add”:

Inserindo segmentos Navegg no OAS RealMedia

4. To use keynames in a campaign, press “Target” on the register campaign screen. Expand field “Search Term Targeting” and go to “Search Term Wizard”:

5. Select the keyname and click “Next”:

6. Check the radio button “Equals” (section “Relationship”), choose the appropriate value on “Keyvalues” field and press “Next keyname”:

7. Review and click “Finish”:

You can target campaigns combining keynames. Just select more than one keyname in step 5.